Memorial Service:

2/3/2009 Bear Valley Christian Church, Viewing 2 pm, Service 3 pm


2/5/2009 Ft. Logan Cemetery, Area C, 2:15 pm

Michael N. Aguirre

September 21,1960 Denver, Colorado
Passed Away:
January 29, 2009 Aurora, Colorado

Tete was the Beloved Son of Connie Chavez and Jimmy Chavez.

He is the brother of Florence Muniz (Leonard). He is Uncle to Marisa, Donald, Jovani, Aaliyah and Donni. He is also brother to Steve Aguirre and the Uncle to Steven and Davian. Brother to Yolanda Muniz (Kevin) and uncle to, Kevin Jr., Keith, Aaron, Branden, Gabe, Kaylee, Alyssia, Keith Jr. He is the brother of Sabrina Chavez (Mark) and Uncle to Marky, Katlynn.

Tete was a very private person who loved selectively, but without a doubt he loved his family. Tete loved his country and everything it symbolized. He loved his Broncos and a faithful racing fan. When we meet again my brother, be sure you have our ice tea, Mexican food, andour chocolate cake ready.

We love you Tete and forever will feel a void without you here.


12 Responses to Michael N. Aguirre

  1. Landa says:

    Hey Tete. Can you see this craziness going on here? Im so glad your not here to deal with this. Life has become so straining from finances to every day life. Its hard to enjoy much of anything as happiness comes with such a high price. You and dad already know whats going on but Aaron is having those twins. Im so excited for them to come. Imagine me being bless like that, its unreal all most. Youre always on mind but in a different kind of way. I think whats bothersome is I have very little people to share the great news with. I know you guys are watching and waiting but I cant see the joy in your and dads eyes with the news. Watch over them ok. Come visit me its been way too long. Rock on brother and rest easy. Love you always Landa

  2. Yolanda Muniz says:

    Wow Brother a couple more days from now and you’ll be gone for 6 years. Im sure you know how much has changed and how broken I feel at times. You’re lucky that you didnt have to endure the grief that we did. When I tell people about the loss of ALL my brothers and dad people just say wow, not really understanding the depth of my pain. I dont want any of you back because God’s will did prevail but I JUST need to know you’re all together. I know you came for Steve when he was in the coma, Bre and I heard him talking to you. He suffered so much, ALL of you suffered so much. I bet you know that Dad came for Jimmy in his dream. How awesome is that! Even though Jimmy didnt come to dads funeral or see him when he was sick dad didnt resent him and came for him in his dream. I wanna know that you’re all together and need to know that just to give my mind rest. You know Im all freaked out about dying young since all of you passed before 55. I need to see my kids and grand kids grow you know. Mom misses you and Steve so much but I know why you guys were taken first but to see mom broken hurts me to the core. I cant get over the fact that Darlene and the kids did what they did to me, mom and Bre. I’m still so angry knowing how much I tried to be a part of their lives. I sent a nasty note to Julie and Im really hurt that she never really wanted me in her life either. Im so used to closing people out of my life that its almost second nature, which is so sad. When dad was passing he had asked Aaron if he was mad, well today i had a dream with a text message that read “are you mad at me”, kind of through me for a loop. We think of you often and miss the simple things about you. I do have to say that you took a huge piece of my heart with you, which really did prepare me for whats happened. So many people have passed on if you see Deb hug her for me. Tell Jimmy we love him and Tell Steve we have no choice to forgive him cause we have to move on. Tell dad he is still a hero and our teflon man. Miss you brother now and always

  3. yolanda says:

    you and dad are finally together? take care of him .. wait I know you’ll take care of him like you did here. Show him around and explore the world. let me know he arrived ok, I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Im sad that the 2 guys I loved the most are gone, but im glad youre a guardian of the night. with you on my right and dad on my left I know I’l be just fine. I need to see him but not yet cause Im not ready. my heart is ready to explode. miss you bro deuces

  4. yolanda muniz says:

    Hi Brother, just wanted to say hi. i forgot the sound of your voice and the small jestures that made you so unique. Im sure you know I’m struggling but thanks to some great friends It will eventually be ok. Not sure where we are going to be in a month or two so please let me know that your still w me. I envy your peace but will never forget your suffering. my boy will be 18 can you believe it, I know its so crazy how time flies. Sure hope that we get our stuff together so we can get him in college soon. I wonder what you know about Gabe, is my baby ever going to grow out of this or is this the way he is going to be? Bre has done a great job with dad, its very unfortunate that he doesnt realize that she saved his life. I love you brother lets share a glass of tea and some cake this summer. follow me where ever we go. love sis

  5. yolanda says:

    I know your watching from above watching how we’re handling this tough situation. Since youve been gone so many things have happened that it has left bre holding the family. I just sit and cry. I’m no longer the strong one. life has taken a toll on me and I’m sure you can see that Im more hurt than happy. What we going to do brother, without dad? its so hard to sit and watch a man who was once so big and strong become so fragile. My heart just aches that we are facing this alone. We really dont have anyone to help us through this rough time and not real sure how its all going to end up. Your not here for a reason but I wish I understood why and when the storm is going to end. God doesnt give you more than you can handle but I just wish he didnt trust me so much. I envy your peace. Please let us know that whatever happens that you will be there to meet DAD so we know that even in the next life he will never walk alone. Love you and miss you now and always

  6. marisa says:

    Uncle, I was thinking about you today. Just wanted to let you know I think about you a lot and miss you very much. We will see you soon. Love you much Marisa and family

  7. la says:

    Hi Brother, tomorrow we go to your resting place to be with you on what would have been your 50th birthday. So much is going on wish you were here to listen. I miss your humor and one of a kind attitude. When you left you sure took a piece of my heart with you. We should have hugged more and fought less, listened more and ignored less. I hope you know how much I loved you. Enjoy your freedom as you have always been a free spirit. I will remember you in all seasons for many reasons. Peace brother

  8. Sabrina Chavez says:

    Hi Tete; still missing you so much. I still think of you everyday! Love you, very much! See you in my dreams…. Bre

  9. Yolanda Muniz says:

    Hi Brother, as sad as it may be that your gone I know your at peace and happy. I’m reading books that bring me comfort. I finally understand what was going on with you and I’m sorry that you loved here on earth with such struggles. Mom misses you and so does dad, both for different reasons. Me and Bre talk about you all the time. We look forward to you in our dreams and even get frustrated when they end too soon. For being you had very little material stuff you sure left us with great memories. We laugh and cry over your ideas and comments. I love you Brother and miss you deeply. Until we meet again…Send a little sunshine

  10. Sabrina Chavez says:

    Happy Birthday Tete

  11. Marky Gazotti says:

    My uncle was a good guy even when he would snap at us and act a little crazy. I know that he is in a better place. I once heard a story that you hang onto the grass and one day you will let go for heaven. When you arrive in heaven that gates will open and the angels will guide you to Jesus. Jesus will ask you to take a knee and he will touch the top of your head and all of your pains will be gone. My uncle will not be forgotten in my life or in my families’ life. My uncle is in a much better and he is up in heaven with my uncle Willie, great grandpa and our other family members that have past. Love, Marky Gazotti

  12. Claudia Chavez says:

    My condolences to Connie and Jim and all the family I know he will be missed. He was a lovable and sweet nephew who leaves a void in the hearts of all who loved him. Aunt Claudia and Family

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