Memorial Service:

12/30/2014 10:00 am., Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E. 99th. Place, Thornton, Colorado

Daniel Alfred Baca

October 1, 1949 :: Greeley, Colorado
Passed Away:
December 21, 2014 :: Thornton, Colorado

Sunrise : October 1, 1949 Sunset : December 21, 2014

Employed by: Retired from The City & County Of Denver Parking Management 34 years

Vietnam Veteran – 1967- 1969

Mother & Father : Alfred Baca & Rita Rivera

Husband to : Marie JoAnne Baca

Brother to: Bobby , Kathy,Gina,Sandy, Denise, Deneen

Father To : Tiffany, Daniella,Santana,Monique, Marlene, Geraldine, KathyAnn, Rosemarie

“Pops” To: Edward

31 Grandchildren

16 Great Grandchildren

And his Dog “DJ”

Rest in Peace , to Our Beloved : Husband , Brother, Father, Pops, Grandpa, Great Grandpa.

He will Truly be Missed But Forever in Our Hearts.


18 Responses to Daniel Alfred Baca

  1. JoAnne Baca says:

    My wonderful husband, you have been gone almost ten months now. It’s been a rough year. Our anniversary, your birthday, fathers day, just everyday has been sad and lonely without you. Soon the holidays will be upon us, and my life as it is will be so empty without you by my side. Life is different, and I am having a hard time honey. I miss you, there isn’t a day that I don’t cry for you. I try to get through each day with a positive attitude, but not having you here really makes it hard. Rest in paradise my love, I can’t wait until the day I can be in your arms again. I miss you Danny, and I will love you ALWAYS… Today~ Tomorrow~Forever Your wife… Your Jo 💕

  2. Tiffany Baca says:

    Well dad it’s been 7 months and I thought the days would get a little easier but they don’t I miss you more than anyone could ever imagine..Since you have gotten your wings my life is so incomplete my world upside down. my Birthday is Saturday and the only thing on my mind is that I won’t be getting a call from you my first birthday without you :( life just ain’t the same.. I love you Dad forever your daughter Tiffany…..

  3. Gina baca says:

    I. Miss you so much my brother, I’ll see you and mom & dad and Denise again. I Love You always my Hero!!!

  4. Priscilla M. Baca ( PRE ) Lil Sister says:

    Danny, I wish I would of known , that you were sick again I would of liked to have seen you more, and for you to have Visited Daddy, more…. No one told me , that you had passed on To be with daddy.. For whatever reasons, no one told me and that me and my kids were not included, i wll never know??? Sorry i couldnt of been there with you “big brother” .. No more suffering no more pain… You can now rest , and once again Your with our sister Denise, and Daddy… ..Until we reunite, and my days On earth are through, Rest In Peace…. We Love You, God Bless You your little sister , Priscilla M. Baca (PRE) , nephew , Marcos D. Baca , nephew, Demetrius Baca, an niece, Dejah Baca. & my mom Susie Baca

  5. Emma Crespin-Crews says:

    Sissy, there are no words to say that describes the pain you are in. My only wish is that as time goes by,the pain you have will subside. Danny was such a wonderful man! You made him happy, he made you happy. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over. But as you look back at all those wonderful times you shared, you’ll have a little smile. Just knowing you got to share all those beautiful times together. As I’ve said to him many times, he was my favorite brother~in~law. Do you remember his response to that? I’m your ONLY brother~in~law. I can hear that grin! I didn’t have that quantity time with him, but I did have the quality, and for that I am forever grateful. I loved him so much ! My prayers are with, sis. I love you, very, very much. God bless you.

  6. danielle says:

    Dad, not a day goes by that I don’t think of u everyday I’m reminded of how much u loved us and how much u were loved. I’m very lucky to have had a loving dad. Ur legacy will forever live on with my sisters and I ur grandkids, great grand, and following. I love u dad to the moon n back always and forever until we meet again Rest In Paradise my handsome dad. I miss u n love u for the rest of my days

  7. Kristine Lee-Ball says:

    Uncle Danny I’m so sorry you had to leave your wonderful family. You will definitely be missed. I know all of our Angels up in heaven are taking very good care of you. Rest in peace,and we love you very much. Kristine,Tony,Cody,and Hunter.

  8. Alfonso & Mercy Martinez says:

    So Sorry JoAnne. Dainel, You and the family will be on our prayers..

  9. Angie Ortega says:

    I am so sorry but I will not be able to make it For Danny’s services. I am so happy that I was able to spend time with both of you before he went with God. He ewas a very good man and your were very lucky to have him in your life. I will Miss his humor and seeing him in the Broncos jersey I gave him on Facebook. Even though I didn’t like it, I am so happy that I was able to share it with him. He did look good in it. 😊 My heart hurts for you and your family I will keep you all in my heart and prayers. Please remember that I will always be here for you whenever you need me. Love ya

  10. Sarah, Arturo, & Aliyah Chagoya Sanchez says:

    Nino, we miss you so much and we love you more than words can say. You were the best Nino anyone could ever have, and I thank God everyday for the time we had with you. We know you are in a better place now, and no longer in pain, but you will be missed very much. My heart hurts everyday but I will cherish the time I had with you. We love you more than words can say and think about you all the time. Nina, we love you so much and you are in our prayers everyday, if you ever need anything, please know that our phones are always on and our door is always opened. We love you so much Nino and Nina, and God Bless you both. Love Sarah, Arturo, and Aliyah

  11. Vince and Quentin says:

    JoAnne, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We love you Vince and Quentin

  12. Shelley Bilderback says:

    MY SWEET Jo Jo I am so very sorry for your loss. Danny was the sweetest, kindest man and always made me smile as he did you. I know it seems your heart will never heal. I know I felt the same. Each day will get a little better your heart will never stop hurting but it will heal I promise. I never believed when people told me that but as time goes it will get better. It will take time and days when you feel you cannot get out of bed but remember your children, friends and family it will help you get up and start another day!!! I love you Jo Jo and be that strong woman you always told me I was♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ We will miss you sweet Danny but we will all take care of her till you meet again! God Bless and may you rest in peace. ♡♡♡

  13. Carla DeHerrera &husband Mitchell " says:

    God be with all of you during this time.Always remember the good times and may God heal your hearts mildly. Dream of HIM keep peace in your hearts so that he can go Home easy.Love each other and help one another to heal.

  14. marlene says:

    I will always cherish the memories Dad, love you always

  15. Jo Anne says:

    My special and forever love, There are no words to express the feelings I have in losing the most amazing man who made all my dreams come true by making me your wife. You will always be my angel on my shoulder, I know this because you promised, and you my sweet Husband always kept your promises. I thank God each and every day for giving us the time we had together to reflect on our 25 years together… I know you are in a better place my love, but it doesn’t make this any easier, because I miss getting up in the morning and not seeing you in the kitchen doing the things you did each day, for “us”… I know that we will once again be together Danny, God knows that I am looking forward to that day. I love you my honeyface…Thank you for all that you have done for us, you left not only me, but many who loved you with the best memories… oh, and our DJ is so lost and missing his Daddy so much, but I will make sure he is taken care of too. I know that the Lord has you in his arms, But I will forever have you in my heart… Your loving wife, Jo and your furry boy DJ

  16. Gene And Michaela Wirick says:

    Our Deepest Condolences to the Entire Baca Family, Danny was a Wonderful Man, Pleasure to have known him. Rest in Peace, My Friend, Safe In the Arms Of Jesus. Thank You for Your Service.

  17. Brenda says:

    May god give you the strength you will need Always in our prayers

  18. Edward Gonzales says:

    I just want to say I ABSOLUTELY MISS YOU POPS, And I know in my heart your just fine , No more pain. I want to Thank you for being so close to me and sharing all the good times we had . And always there to help me if needed. AND I promise with you sitting on her shoulder , I will take care of Momma . And make sure she’s doing the Best she can without you. With All My Love & Respect To You Sir . Rest in Peace . We will see you Again . Love Your Only Son Edward Hugs & Kisses

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